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Karen Guillemin

CONCERN Foundation has raised over $50 million for cancer research during its 45-year history. Since 1968, Concern Foundation has funded well over 650 pediatric and adult cancer researchers worldwide studying many forms of cancer, primarily in the areas of immunology, immunotherapy, and the genetics of cancer. Concern specifically funds researchers who lack financial support for their first major research project and provides critically needed start-up funds for promising projects.  By focusing funding to new investigators, Concern helps to bridge a gap that currently exists in the scientific research community.  It is difficult for new investigators to obtain initial grants from major funding sources without sound data.  At the same time, it is difficult to obtain sound data without funding.  


The organization's mission is clear - to make sure that every dollar raised is used to find the cause and eventual cure for this devastating disease. Based on their initial limited resources and with the advice of some local medical experts, Concern chose to concentrate funding in immunology, a previously untapped area of cancer research. This proved to be a bold and progressive move on the part of Concern Foundation, setting it apart from other organizations of its kind.

Immunology begs a fundamental question: What causes a person's natural immune system to break down and allow inactive cancer cells to become active? This question is as relevant today as it was in 1968 - a testament to the foresight of the founding members. The quest for an answer fueled the group to raise additional funds to support immunology research.

Concern Foundation is a rarity in the nonprofit world by keeping its administrative overhead to a minimum, so that over annually $.95 cents of more of every dollar raised goes directly to critical cancer research. 

What began as a grassroots effort to give purpose to the life of one individual has transcended its humble origins. Concern continues its mission to give hope to everyone who is diagnosed with cancer. Fortunately for many of these children and adults, many types of cancer are no longer the terminal disease that took Beverly Wolman's life. However, until cancers are spoken of in the past tense, Concern Foundation will continue its quest to CONquer canCER Now. Proof, indeed, that all it takes to change the world is a group of dedicated individuals.  


 CONquer canCER Now Award

Concern Foundation is now accepting applications for its CONquer canCER Now award.  Please carefully review the grant criteria to determine your eligibility as well as information on how to apply.  Additionally, please review the Program Guidelines on ProposalCentral prior to submitting your LOI.

The LOI and full application (based upon approval of LOI) must be submitted online through ProposalCentral.  Any proposals submitted directly to the Foundation will be rejected without review.

Questions should be directed to Seunga Yu at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Click here for grant criteria and information on applying for a CONquer canCER Now award.


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