Community Events

We strongly believe in giving back to our local community which is why we host several events a year for pediatric cancer patients, survivors, and their families. There is no better way to honor the brave spirit of a child who is battling or has survived cancer than to provide fun childhood experiences they often miss out on during treatment. For pediatric cancer patients who are in the hospital during the holidays, Santa Claus and The Easter Bunny join us in making special visits to various pediatric cancer wards.

To us, there is no greater gift than bringing joy to a child who has battled cancer.

Holiday Party

For over two decades, Concern hosts the yearly traditional Holiday Party. From its small and humble beginnings at Miceli’s restaurant, the Holiday Party has evolved into an extravagant and energy packed day at Paramount Studios. Every year the Holiday Party is a different theme with entertainment, food, and of course, Santa comes to give everyone (approximately 135 kids and their families) their Christmas gifts.

Universal Studios

Hundreds of pediatric cancer patients and guests come out for a fun-filled day at Universal Studios. The Universal Studios staff along with our volunteers give their time to ensure each kid is having the best day ever. The day includes front-of-the-line passes, private tram ride, and a catered lunch in the Globe Theater.


Hospital Visits

No child should be excluded from celebrating the holidays. We strive to provide as much normalcy and comfort as possible to pediatric cancer patients during the most challenging of times.


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